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Switching your broadband to Line UK Internet is a simple 3 stage process as follows:

1. First confirm that we can provide your broadband by checking here or contacting us here.
2. Then contact your existing broadband provider and request a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC*).
3. Choose your broadband package then contacting us here.

What is a MAC (Migration Access Code)?*
A MAC is simply an authorisation code (a code similar to BBIP12345678/ABC12C) that you request
from your existing service provider. The MAC code allows us to authenticate the migration request
from your existing service provider and switch your broadband service over to us.

A MAC code is only valid for 30 days, so you should act on it right away.

When will my broadband service switch over?
One we have received your order and it has been processed, it normally takes 5 to 7 working days
to migrate over (depending on the package chosen and your existing service provider).

We will advise you of the progress of your order including the expected migration date. Your existing
broadband service will continue until the migration has completed. In the event that the migration
request has been rejected by BT or your existing ISP, we will advise you (this is usually known within
2 days of your order being placed).

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